Your Company’s Virtual Handshake

There is an Old Adage that:

“People Do Or Refer Business To People They Know, Like or Trust”.

New Media Ranch Works with Small Businesses to Increase Their Online Visibility by using a Six Step Process that Will Grow Your Business By Leveraging New Media Technologies with the Time Tested Relationship Building Techniques of Yesterday.

Do It Yourself

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How Can We Help

Branding & Messaging
Business Strategies & Goal Setting
Web Site Hosting & Design
Promotional Products
Graphic Design
Sales Funnels & Contact Capture
Email Campaigns & Autoresponders
SEO & Social Networking
Power Of Video
Relationship Building

Who We Are

New Media Ranch has been created a team of professionals that averages over 25 years of experience. Leading authorities in their respective fields, the New Media Ranch team has developed a number of valuable, and affordable, tools you can easily access that will assist you in getting noticed and, ultimately, drive you more business!


Fill out the contact form to receive a FREE hour consultation on how we can increase your online visibility.  You will also receive the FREE version of easyGOALS – The most powerful online goal setting system in the world.



Step One

Company Message And Brand

At New Media Ranch, it all starts here. Working hand in hand with clients, we create a message and brand that fits the personality of you, your company and your products. Using our goal setting software and sitting down with you in our business strategy sessions, we will work with you to design or craft everything from your goals, message, and advertising to your colors, logos, and slogans.

How We Can Help You

  • Goal Setting with easyGOALS
  • Business Strategy Sessions
  • Graphic Design
  • The Use of Video and Photography

The Benefits To You

  • Stand Out from the Crowd
  • Receive the Focus You Need to Develop those Important Relationships
  • Define Your Uniqueness
  • Effectively Highlight Your Message or Product to Increase Your Bottom Line

Step Two

Online Footprint

Once you have created your brand, New Media Ranch can create your perfect online home for your message, product or service. We build websites that are not only aesthetically pleasing to look at but also increase your chances of being seen by the search engines.

How We Can Help You

  • Website and Email Hosting
  • WordPress Websites and Blogs that are Search Engine Friendly
  • Create an Event Website for Your Wedding, Business Conference, Speaking Event or Family Reunion
  • Monetized Websites with Shopping Carts or Members Only Access
  • Website Training, Maintenance and Support

The Benefits To You

  • Maintain Your Own Content Without a Programmer
  • Focus Attention to Your Event and then Retain the Memories or Knowledge from the Event Forever
  • We Show You How to Do It or We Can Do It For You
  • Monetize Your Website to Grow Your Business

Step Three

Increase Your Visibility

Once you have established your home on the web, you need to draw potential clients to your website. Using a variety of tools and techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media networking through Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, or our powerful marketing software, we increase your visibility on the internet and elevate your ranking in the search engine results thereby increasing your website traffic. The higher number or visitors to your website the higher number of chances of converting those visitors to clients.

How We Can Help You

  • Set Up and Initiate Your Social Media Network
  • Launch Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Video SEO and Pay Per Click
  • Organic and Active Search Engine Optimization
  • Marketing System that Creates Sales Funnels and Auto-Responds to Potential Clients

The Benefits To You

  • Increase Sales for as Little as 15 Minutes a Day
  • Establish an Online Presence and Increase Your Market
  • Target Your Marketing so People can Find You

Step Four

Capture Your Visitors

Now you have your visitors, but are you capturing their attention or are they moving on to your competitors? Do you know how many people are coming to your site and how many of those are actually converting into sales? Website design, video, capture forms and give-a-ways are tools we use to turn those visitors into potential clients. We also use tools that analyse who is visiting, when are they visiting, what’s working, what’s not, and most important who’s converting into sales.

How We Can Help You

  • Capture the Attention of Your Website Visitors using Video
  • Capture Forms that Entice Your Visitors to Leave Their Contact Information
  • Marketing System that uses Captured Information to Begin the Touching Process
  • Analytical Tools that Help You Succeed

The Benefits To You

  • Prevent Potential Clients From Surfing Off Your Website
  • Build Your List of Potential Customers
  • Begin the Process of Developing Those Relationships

Step Five

Build Relationships

People buy from people they know, like and trust. Our tools can turn those business cards and contact form leads from potential clients into actual sales. Starting with an email autoresponder when your visitor fills out the contact form to a reminder from the 22Touch system that it is time to call that potential client, we make sure no lead “slips through the cracks”. Also, the use of video allows your prospects to get a better glimpse of you, your message, your product or your service.

How We Can Help You

  • Email Autoresponder’s
  • Build Relationships with 22Touch
  • Email Campaigns
  • Video Newsletters

The Benefits To You

  • Focus On The Clients and Contacts That Will Grow Your Business
  • Put to Good Use those Business Cards You have Collected and Keep in Front of Interested Prospects
  • Have People Do Business with You because They Know, Like and Trust You

Step Six

Power Of Video

Although we call this step six, using video is part of everything we do online. YouTube is now the second most visited website in the world. There is a reason for this, video captures peoples attention where words can’t. By harnessing the power of video to showcase you products or services, you will be able to grow from the four walls of your business to the four corners of the world.  This is what we at the Ranch call expanding your “Global Reach”

How We Can Help You

  • Script, Produce and Edit Video
  • Deliver Your Emails and Newsletters by Video
  • Coach You on How To Create Video With a Webcam

The Benefits To You

  • Using Video to get Your Message Heard
  • Say More and Save Time Using Video
  • Save Money By Learning to do it Yourself

Steve's creative ideas and superb execution give us the edge that we rely on to stay ahead of the competition in the extremely complex business world that we play in. He has a keen eye to detail and a knack for strategy that comes in handy over and over again. I recommend Steve as highly as I can recommend anyone.–Mike O'Neil, Founder, Integrated Alliances

Gary initially began coaching me on my finances and then he quickly provided me with the value-added service of coaching me in my business also. He is completely ENJOYABLE to work with and, even though we are still working together, I am seeing measurable results in both areas compared to last year, I have already doubled my income in the first 4 months of this year!–Karen Schatz, President Virtually With You, Inc.

Rachael will help you stand out in a world full of message clutter. Whether you need a spokesperson for your videos or voice over services you should give Rachael a call. She is super professional and gets the job done! I highly recommend Rachael to anyone who needs a great spokesperson or voice over talent.–Neil McKenzie, Commercial Photographer; Advertising, Editorial, Public Relations; Social Media Personal Branding; Neil McKenzie Photography